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Please go to my/your Google Classroom for answer keys. Feel free to ask questions or comment on Google Classroom or by email.  (posted 3/24/20)
Welcome to week 3 enrichment activities! I also encourage you to accept my "invitation" to join our Google Classroom if you haven't already, for future use. For now, I will post here on my webpage 2 new activities for Alg 2, and 2 new ones for PC. Of course, you may also return to the weeks 1 and 2 activities. I may also post some answer keys on my Google Classroom site. (Look further down this page for week 3 activities.) Also, as I mentioned last week, please feel free to email me if you wish, to either email address, or my masdstudent one. (By the way, it's also fine if you wish to try activities assigned to my other subject!)
Algebra 2: week 1
PreCalculus: week 1
Go to and type in the desmos code U5ZHT2 for a fun activity with circles.
Algebra 2: Week 2:
PreCalculus: Week 2:
Go to  and type in for the "class code": E6ZYWS for "Building Conic Sections". I think you'll enjoy it. There are 2 of the questions that involve hyperbolas. You could skip those, but I recommend trying them as well as the others: all you need to know that's new is that the equation of a hyperbola is like the equation of an ellipse, except with subtraction rather than addition when in standard form. However, you'll be surprised to see how different the graphs are! Just play around with it, by trial and error, to see what comes up. 
PreCalculus: Week 3
Algebra 2:  Week 3:
In addition to trying the Fibonacci worksheet, try googling Fibonacci. There are many different ways in which this pattern connects to the natural world. 
4th set of enrichment activities: Algebra 2 and PreCalculus: