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Science for Social Distancing (COVID-19)

Hello my students!  I have missed you already during this impromptu interruption to our routines.  I catch myself reading, seeing, or hearing things and thinking, 'I've GOT to tell my class about this tomorrow!' and then I feel a little sad:[  So I do some of my favorite things to relax, like playing video games, watching zombie movies (a genre that I find particularly comforting at the moment), and panic-buying seed potatoes (I guess I'm gardening this year).  Of course this makes me wonder how you all are passing your time!  To help us remain connected as classes, and human beings (and because I love science, and teaching, and can't NOT try to help you learn and grow), I'm designing a few activities that you will hopefully find engaging, and can spark conversations among yourselves and our group as we see just how this whole pandemic progresses.  For the 14 days of closure, these assignments are not graded, and are completely optional (unless your parents make you ;) but I will still look at everything, and give feedback and support.  Look for these opportunities in our Google Classroom.  Feel free to email me with questions, concerns, pictures of your pets, or a cool rock you found:)