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Mrs. Ravi's LS English 2019-2020

What can I do while I'm not in English class? 
While we cannot be in the classroom together, it is important to keep practicing the skills we've been learning and using in English so that we are ready continue in our lessons when we return. I know you are probably enjoying a little downtime at home, but I strongly urge you to take some time each week to read the articles I post for you and to practice your writing skills by offering up your opinions on the texts. 
Hopefully, we will be back in school soon and we can resume our exploration of Romeo & Juliet.
**Please note that the activities I post are not mandatory and will not be graded. I hope that each one of you is taking care of your health. I am thinking of each and every one of you.  -Mrs. Ravi
Please use the link to access our google classroom.  I know that all of you have already joined LS English 2019-2020 so you are able to easily access the fun articles I have posted.