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My name is Niki Vriens and I teach 11th grade English, Creative Writing (Spring) and Reading Writing Workshop (Fall). Please email me at or call 691-4530 ext. 3144 if you have any questions. Additionally, all daily assignments and resources are posted on Google Classroom for students to view and submit assignments.

All enrichment activities posted in Google Classroom. GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES: ENGLISH 11 - PD. 3:szxezxz ENGLISH 11 - PD. 5A:6gmqmsy ENGLISH BLOCK: 2n6mlco and CREATIVE WRITING: ujcog7f

In 11th grade English, we explore the evolution of America through a literary lens.  We analyze the development of the American Dream through the poetry, essays, novels, and spoken words of many influential people from the past and the present. Students read, write, think, and speak every day! English is not just about reading literature, it’s about what you do with it--what you think about what you’ve read and how you express those thoughts.

Reading Writing Workshop (Fall) is geared towards students wishing to develop as independent readers and grow as writers. In addition to reading and analyzing selections of fiction and non-fiction as a class, students read self-selected books throughout the course of the semester. Students write in both formal and informal contexts in response to their readings and revise selected pieces to compile a writer’s portfolio.  Mini-lessons in analysis and writing skills are interspersed with in-class discussion, writer’s workshops, independent reading, small-group book discussions, and one-on-one conferences with the instructor.

In Creative Writing (Spring), the goal of this course is to create an environment in which we’ll become a community of readers and writers producing memoirs, creative nonfiction (“literary nonfiction”), short stories, poetry, and ultimately a portfolio of our best work. We’ll write every day in class, using journals to explore new ideas and develop writing topics for creative assignments. Lastly, we compile the student literary magazine, The Muse.