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Mr. Kyle Edwards webpage

Hello! Crazy days for sure. I just wanted to say to you, my students, that all of you are in my thoughts. Consider emailing me ( with any idea, worry, or topic you need. One of the hardest things about all of this is the idea you have to be alone; but with today's technology none of us need to do this all by ourselves. Let's stay connected. 
Here are the codes to join my google classrooms. There you will find some enriching exercises to stay sharp within your classes' mathematics during our hiatus. 
Google Classroom Page:
Algebra 1B classcode: rfi7yvw
Applications of Mathematics classcode:  yd3lbk2 
Pre-Calculus classcode:  sgm6fip
Stay safe and make good decisions. 
Mr. Edwards
Hello. My name is Kyle Edwards. I was born, raised, and have lived in Arizona for the past 38 years. I attended Arizona State University where I earned my Bachelors degree is in education with an eye on teaching physics at the high school level. I went back to my hometown to teach and coach football. There was not a physics job open so the next logical leap was mathematics. 13 years, 2 children and one incredible wife later I packed all own and drove 2500 miles to become....Pennsylvanian! (not sure that's the correct pronunciation....I've got a lot to learn)
I can't wait to share my incredible experiences in the southwest and in the teaching profession with my new students. My journey has only altered course it has not ended. I have much to learn about the Keystone state and in teaching in general. I'm super excited to start this chapter.
Let's go mathing :)