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Construction Updates

The MASH campus will be closed from Friday, June 24th through at least August 8, 2022. 

  • In the interim, if families need to contact the high school office, we will offer summer hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:00 AM through 12:00 PM at the District Office.
  • You may call 717-691-4530 if you wish to visit with a member of our MASH office staff.
Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we transform our high school and prepare it for the 2022-2023 school year.
Both parking lots at MASH are operational at this time. 
  • The front lot includes new curbing that will help manage traffic flow and is equipped for student drop-off and pickup. Enhanced lighting will greatly enhance nighttime visibility.
  • The rear lot work includes new curbing and traffic patterns that we hope will provide much needed enhancements to traffic flow in the rear of the building. There are several islands that will help differentiate student and staff parking. There will also be enhanced lighting in the rear lot that will greatly enhance nighttime visibility.
  • New pavement will cover both lots.
  • Thank you for respecting the work of our contractors and honoring the signage and road barriers on campus during construction. 
  • Please stay posted for further updates as the back to school season nears. 
Front Lot (7/5/22)
Front Lot
Front Lot (7/25/22)
Front Lot - Parent Drop Off
Rear Lot Near Tennis Courts & Gym (7/5/22)
Rear Lot
Rear Lot Near Wildcat Activities Center (7/5/22)
Rear Lot near WAC
Rear Lot Paving Underway (7/13/22)
Rear Lot Paving Underway 7.13.22
Rear Lot Facing Williams Grove Road (7/25/22)
  • Newly Paved and lined
  • Enhanced Lighting
  • Preparations for walkways
  • Parking Lot Islands
  • New curbing 
Rear Lot Facing Williams Grove Road
Rear Lot
Rear Lot
Rear Lot Lighting
Rear Lot - Lines
Project 1.A. - Front of MASH Renovation includes main offices.
- The anticipated date of occupancy for this phase is August 1st.  
- MASH Entrance (7/5/22): 
MASH Student Entrance
Project 1.B. - Main Gym Full Renovation
- The anticipated date of occupancy for this phase is October 1st. 
Project 1.C. - Rear Classroom Addition 
-The anticipated date of occupancy for this phase is semester two of the 2022-2023 school year.   
-Back Student Entrance (7/5/22):
Back Student Entrance
The design of project two is underway pending review this coming fall 2022.
The MASH building doors will open at 8:00.

The tardy bell will ring at 8:20. On typical school days all students must be in their period 1 class by this time.
As noted in a number of our communications MASH is at the start of several exciting construction projects. As a result of these projects some of the old patterns and traffic routines no longer apply. Please view the video we sent out via Sapphire on August 26 to see an aerial view of the campus and the changes in routines for arriving at and departing our campus.

Parent Drop-Off
There are two places parents can drop off students in the morning:
  • In front of the school via a loop through the faculty/front lot. You may instead wish to drop your student along Broad Street (at an area free of traffic) to expedite your morning routine.
  • Students may also be dropped off in the student parking lot, which can be accessed from Williams Grove Road. (Please be mindful of pedestrian traffic)
Parent Pick-Up
There are two places parents can pick up students in the afternoon:
  • In front of the school Parents may line up in a loop surrounding the faculty lot in a fashion similar to AM drop off, and wait to pick up their children. Please be patient and cautious with an eye out for pedestrians.
  • In the student lot, parents may park in empty spots and wait for their children at the close of school.
Campus Map 8.16.22
*I/E period will allow for students to have gradual release prior to bus dismissal at 3:15. Your child has the option to visit teachers for help, to work on their homework or to connect during this time. They also have the option to leave if they transport themselves, walk, or are going to be picked up from school. Students have been informed that they will need to use the QR code to state their location or departure during this time. This approach should allow for a more gradual process for dismissal with traffic distributed from 2:50 to 3:15. Keep in mind, you can always arrange to pick up your child a little later, perhaps closer to 3:30. If some individuals do this it could also help ease the congestion on campus.
*Finally, we ask for the patience and understanding of everyone during this construction project. The inconveniences are temporary and we will have better traffic flow as this initial project approaches completion next fall.