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Mr. Williams L.E.A.R.N.

Greetings, students and parents. I know this is a very strange and scary time. In times of crisis, however, it helps to maintain connections to the routines of "normal" life. Obviously life is not normal right now. But as we venture into this unknown territory, MASH LEARN teachers will be offering opportunities for students to engage with reading, writing, speaking & listening.

Participation in these opportunities is voluntary; they will not be graded. However, teachers will be providing feedback and commenting on student submissions. We hope that you will take advantage of this chance to reach out during this time of social distancing and interact with your teachers and classmates. 

If you have any questions or would just like to get in touch during our period of separation, please reach out to me at  

Take care and be well. I hope we will all be back together at MASH sometime soon.



***NEW INFO:  I'll begin posting new information on Google Classroom next week.  From there, you'll be able to access our Google Drive.  I've emailed to invite you all to our Google Drive via your school email. 


To get to our Google Classroom, click the link: the join code is: w5xhyfa





3/20-3/24 voluntary enrichment opportunity: Watch this video.  It is a video of some of the actors from the movie The Outsiders as they read parts from the book that describe their character in the book.  Reflect on the actors as they read.  Do they fit their character?  Why or why not?  What did you expect their character to look like?.  Respond via email.  "Actors Read Fro The Outsiders"


3/25-3/27 voluntary enrichment opportunity: You've now read the novel and watched as some of the main characters read parts about themselves in the week 1 enrichment activity.  In this activity, watch the video showing a number of actors who did not get the part.  Knowing what you know now (the novel's story and the actors that got the part), do you think any of the other actors would have been a better fit for a specific character?  Why or why not?  Respond via email."The Outsiders Auditions Parts 1 and 2"


3/25-3/27 voluntary enrichment opportunity:This will help you with the culminating activity we have planned for our return to school:  Rewrite "The Outsiders" from a Soc's point of view.  Let's call it "The Insiders."  Who would the "Insiders" be?  What would their story include?  Summarize the story from your character's point of view...see it from their side of town. Respond via email.


3/27-3/30 voluntary enrichment opportunity:  Let's take a break from The Outsiders.  We'll get back to that next week.  I thought some of you may be starting to look for summer jobs soon.  I'm thinking of ways to help you apply for a job.  Watch the following YouTube video then go to the following site and create a cover letter for your resume.

Once you've watched the video, check out Resume Genius (website below).  It is easy to use and after filling in the required information, the site will formulate your letter.  After formulating your letter, you'll want to go through and add a few personal details and make sure it is reflective of you.  Visit the site, create a cover letter, download it and email it to me to check out!


3/27-3/30 voluntary enrichment opportunity:  After you've completed your cover letter, start to work on your resume!  Check out this video (yes, she is kind of strange, but I appreciated her energy) and visit this website ( to create your resume.  Once your resume is completed, email it to me!



3/20-3/24 voluntary enrichment opportunity: voluntary enrichment opportunity: Instead of creating a separate piece for each science class, I've found a science video I think you all may like.  Take a look at the video.  Did any of the tricks work on you?  Did you learn anything from this video?  Respond via email. Brain Tricks -This is How Your Brain Works
3/25-3/27 voluntary enrichment opportunity: Watch this cool video of interesting science facts.  What facts stood out to you? Why? Respond via email
"9 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn't Learn at School"
3/25-3/27 voluntary enrichment opportunity:If you could invent something...what would it be?  What would it do?  What problem would it solve?  Why do you want to solve this particular problem? How would it go about solving the problem?  How would you have to make it?  What materials would you use?  Respond via email.  
3/27-3/30 voluntary enrichment opportunity: I'm  thinking that since you have so much down time, you might want to learn a bit more about the night sky...maybe even take a few minutes tonight and look at the stars?   Check out this video about constellations.  List 3 things you found interesting from this video, 2 things you learned from this video and 1 question you have.  Email your responses!
3/27-3/30 voluntary enrichment opportunity: Check out this video on the  constellations: it's the next video after the last video you watched so it refernces info from the last video. After the video, briefly write out your answer to the following question and email your responses!
Can you see all of the constellations all of the time?  Why or why not?