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Mandatory survey information from Mr. Covert's email 5/4/20:
MASH Senior Graduation Survey:


My Senior Year Activities:
Most Recent information from the email from Mr. Harris:

List of Senior Recognitions

Athletics – Presently underway via @gomechanicsburg (twitter) and  these will continue to run through next week.

Music – This is presently being planned and is scheduled to occur on Thursday evening May 21 at 7 PM via a social media platform.  We will continue to publicize details as we near that date.

Senior Awards Program – This will occur via a link posted to our district website on Thursday May 28. 

Commencement – Planning continues including try-outs for speakers.  Please see the information posted below.  Also, the planning will be informed by survey results.  Please take the survey, we want your input.

Senior Deadlines:
  • March 20th: Hershey park ticket order deadline ($32 to Mrs. Reeder with attached form)
    • **If you paid for this ticket, I will reimburse you as I did not order the tickets and Hershey Park does not know when they will be opening.
  • May 1st: Deadline to RSVP for the class picnic (free)--this is the same form as the Hershey Park form
    • **At this point, we will not be holding this prior to June 1st. We may do something later in the summer. 
  • May 1st: Deadline to submit a speech to Mrs. Reeder to try out for a commencement speaker
    • **This is still our deadline! Although we do not know what Commencement will look like, we do know that we want to give you a chance to have your voice be heard. We will be looking for speakers and judges. We will most likely be holding auditions via Zoom.
  • Week of May 25th: Caps and gowns will be distributed. We do not know all of the details yet, but we know how important it is for you to have these. If you are not sure if you paid for what you ordered, you are welcome to email Mrs. Reeder.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Mrs. Reeder


May 22 - End of Marking Period 4 for Seniors 


May 26 - Senior Grades Submitted by Teachers


Week of May 25 - Cap and Gown Distribution (Tentative)


May 28 - Senior Awards (Format to be determined)


On or about June 1 - Commencement (Format to be determined)
MASH Senior FAQs:

As we get into the month of May we will develop and publicize a plan that is consistent with the parameters in place by the PA Department of Health and PA Department of Education.  The plan will include opportunities to return school materials (textbooks, uniforms, etc.) as well as to secure things from your locker, gym locker, and other locations.

Yes!  As has been stated we are still working through the details of the format and exact timing of this event.  We do know that we cannot meet at Messiah on June 1, but we are exploring a variety of other possibilities to celebrate the Class of 2020.  Please pay attention to the “Just for Seniors” tab on the MASH website, as well as emails from Mrs. Reeder.  Within the next two weeks we will begin the process for those who wish to tryout to speak at Commencement.  Again the format of our commencement is still being determined.  It is possible we will poll the senior class for input as options are developed.

Typically we hand these out a few days prior to the Commencement Ceremony.  We anticipate it will likely be the week after Memorial Day, but we cannot say for sure.  We will develop a pick up procedure that is in accordance with PDE and the PA Dept of Health guidelines at that time.

Senior Awards will be granted.  We are in the process of securing scholarship winners from the various organizations that routinely contribute to our graduating class, many of which students have applied for up to this point.  We will be granting these to recipients as we have in previous years.  We have yet to determine the format of a recognition of the winners of these awards.  We will continue to communicate as details are narrowed and finalized.  In the meantime, continue to watch the counseling website and communication from Mr. Covert, the senior counselor.

Yes.  The music department is working through some different ideas and will be reaching out to senior music students in early May to collect necessary information.  The format of distribution of these senior recognitions will be publicized via this weekly communication, the district website, and high school social media.  

Yes. The format will be done on our athletic twitter account (@gomechanicsburg) and our athletic website ( Each head coach will be reaching out to the seniors in their program to provide further direction and format. Beginning on April 27th, one team will be featured each day until all spring senior athletes are recognized.
Graduation status for seniors will be determined in accordance with past years.  March 13, the end of the third marking period, is the date we will use to determine passing / failing for credits attempted this school year.  Seniors who began the second semester on track to graduate, but failing one or more classes required to graduate will hear from the senior counselor, Mr. Covert.  He will work with you to create a plan to earn your diploma.  This will occur after grades are submitted for the third marking period, on April 24, 2020.
The 3rd marking period grade will be your final numeric / alphabetical grade of this school year.  In a year-long course, each marking period will be worth 20% and your mid-term grade will be worth 10%.  (This is the same as always.)  There will be no 4th Marking Period Grade nor a final exam grade.  (i.e. 1MP x 2 + 2MP x 2 + MT Exam x1 + 3MP x 2 = #/7 = Your Final Course Average.  Minor course (those courses that do not meet every day) will have a final course grade determined by averaging the three Marking Periods.  Please reach out to Mr. Covert if you have any questions about the calculation of grades
Your 3rd Marking Period Grade will be your course grade.   Please pay attention to the explanation of the 4th Marking Period Grade, particularly if you were hoping to improve upon your grade.

The number one reason we are “continuing with education” is for the continued development of your understandings and skills.  Hopefully learning is never just about a grade.  That being said, we do recognize that a return for an investment of time and energy is practical.  Your teachers will be able to review your final grade in late May and make additional judgments in your favor via the final course grade based upon your participation in the 4th grading period.

The 2019-2020 School Year will end on schedule for the MASH class of 2020.  Our Commencement Date remains June 1.  Last Summer we developed a schedule that we will continue to follow.  The 4th Marking Period for Seniors will end on Friday May 22.  Following the three day Memorial Day weekend, your teachers will be finalizing your grades and submitting them to the administration.  It does take several days to administratively make determinations and communications with respect to graduation status, and other things we bestow on our graduates at that time of year.
Please reach out directly to Mr. Covert to share your situation.  He will be able to guide you in the direction of the appropriate supports.