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Dual Enrollment Information

Goal In Offering Dual Enrollment Opportunities
Dual Enrollment is when a student earns credit at MASH and at an accredited institution of higher education for the same course.  Thus they dually earn high school graduation credit and begin to accrue college credits simultaneously.
MASD has long offered dual enrollment as a possible addition to students building based programming.  In recent years higher education institutions have worked to make this aspect of their programming available to a more students.  Additionally, many families have found that the reduced rate for tuition for high school students who are dually enrolled is beneficial in offsetting the cost of higher education.
At MASH the semester based schedule makes it easier for students to create a blended schedule of building based and dual enrollment courses.  Additionally, through the College In the High School model, some students can receive college credit for courses they take at MASH.
Finally, and as importantly, students can select courses via dual enrollment that may not be offered at MASH.
(This information is aligned with MASD Policy #241)
What is dual enrollment?
  • An opportunity to earn credits from an institution of higher education and MASD, towards HS graduation.
  • One 3 credit Higher Educ Course equates to 1 MASD Graduation Credit.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires each school district to have an articulation agreement with each higher education institution from which the school district will also be granting graduation credit.
  • The MASD is working to expand our menu of partner colleges and universities.

What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

•    There are many benefits depending upon student and courses selected.  Some of the most common benefits are:

o    Earning College Credit (which can be transferred) while still earning a HS diploma
o    Earning College Credit at a reduced cost.  (Most D.E. credit costs are less than full-time high ed. Tuition costs.
o    Taking courses that open towards future education / career interests
o    Taking courses of collegiate rigor

Who may take Dual Enrollment Courses?
  • While most dual enrollment students are seniors, if students meet a partner institutions Dual Enrollment requirements, they may take elective courses via dual enrollment prior to their senior year.
  • Academic requirements are determined by the institution of higher education, however only students with strong attendance and a B average or better at MASH, will meet the requirements of most institutions.
  • Students who are unsuccessful with a dual enrollment course will be subject to review and may not be permitted to take additional dual enrollment courses.

What are the different dual enrollment opportunities available?
“Traditional” Dual Enrollment
  • May be taken on campus – face to face
  • May be taken online, as per the institution of higher education
College In the High School
  • We do offer several courses at MASH, taught by MASH faculty in which students may opt to apply for and receive college credit.
  • Currently we are able to offer the following:
        AP Language and Composition – Harrisburg University credit
        Mechanical Drawing – HACC credit

What schools does MASH Partner with for dual enrollment?

•    HACC
•    Messiah University
•    Harrisburg University
•    We continue to expand the number of partner institutions from which we can offer Dual Enrollment credit.  Please check back.

Can students take Dual Enrollment courses during the summer term?
  • With permission, students may take DE courses during the summer to advance in MASD coursework or to accrue college credits.  Students may not use summer DE courses to reduce their senior year academic schedule.
  • Students / families always have the option for summer experiences without pursuit of MASH credit.
What courses may I take via dual enrollment?
  • Students may only take courses that count towards Elective credits at MASH.  Students may not take dual enrollment coursework to replace graduation requirements within academic departments.
  • Students who wish to take a college Speech Communications course (in place of Capstone Communications)  at the collegiate level may discuss this option with their counselor.
  • MASH Seniors have room in their schedule to take 1-5 (and possibly more) DE courses for elective credit.
Do Dual Enrollment courses impact class rank / MASH GPA?
  • The grades earned at the post-secondary level will not be used in the calculation of grade point average or class rank.  
  • A Pass or Fail will appear on the MASD Transcript for college courses.
What is the likelihood of my dual enrollment credits transferring to the college I enroll in beyond MASH?
  • This will vary greatly depending upon where you enroll in college and what major you select.  Most MASH students who have participated in dual enrollment have had success transferring credits.
  • Once you begin to finalize your selection for college, your college admissions office will be helpful in determining if they have any limitations in accepting dual enrollment credits.

When do I register with the University?
  • Each university has its own protocols for application, acceptance, and enrollment.  Please speak with your counselor for this information.

How do I notify MASH of my intent for dual enrollment?
  • This should ideally be indicated when making your course selections for the next school year. It is not necessary, or even possible, to know the exact courses during the MASH course registration timeline but students should indicate how many 3 credit courses they intend to take during the following year.

How much does dual enrollment cost?
  • Dual Enrollment costs vary by institution.  Each of our partners has a dual enrollment link on their website provided these details.
  • MASH students, of late, have typically paid $200 to $400 per course depending upon institution.  In most cases this is a significant savings in comparison to the same institutions undergraduate rate.
Who is responsible for the costs of dual enrollment courses?

•    The student and their family shall be responsible for all costs, including transportation.

Is there financial assistance?
  • Presently, thanks to a grant via the Wildcat Foundation, all MASH students may apply for a  grant to help offset the cost of each Dual Enrollment course they take.  Within the registration link provided below you will be able to indicate that you would like more information regarding the Wildcat Foundation Scholarship opportunity.
  • As funding for this program each semester is finite, you are encouraged to register and indicate your interest in this scholarship money in a timely fashion. 
What if I have additional questions?
  • If you have additional questions, please reach out to your child's counselor.
What is the timeline to register for dual enrollment?
  • Ultimately the institutions of higher education each establish their own deadlines, please consult their websites.
  • MASH students ideally will indicate at course selection their intent to participate in dual enrollment programming.  Please speak with your counselor if you have questions.
Wildcat Foundation Scholarship Opportunities:

The Wildcat Foundation - “Strengthening Our Schools & Community”


“In 1998, in response to the needs and goals defined in Mechanicsburg Area School District’s (MASD) long range strategic plan, the MASD board of directors established the Wildcat Foundation. The mission of the Wildcat Foundation is to strengthen the educational, cultural, wellness and athletic programs of the Mechanicsburg Area School District.


As an education foundation, the Wildcat Foundation is an independent non-profit, tax-exempt organization established to receive and allocate resources to enhance and supplement district’s programs.


The Foundation’s goal is to provide funds and support for innovative programs not within the district’s traditional budget or curriculum. These programs are funded through donations, special events and fundraising activities including an annual appeal, golf tournament, Wildcat Foundation Night, and the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.


Funds are distributed annually through a competitive grant process; students, teachers, clubs, organizations and the MASD community may apply for funds. The Foundation strives to fund projects that have the greatest impact on students and families living in the District.”


The EITC program provides funds for the Wildcat Foundation to support Dual Enrollment. EITC allows businesses and individuals to make charitable donations in lieu of qualified tax liabilities.

Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School and The Wildcat Foundation are proud to partner in the Dual Enrollment program to subsidize tuition costs for high school students who choose to earn college credit while still enrolled at MASH. Funds will be allocated by the Wildcat Foundation and amounts awarded will be based upon number of program participants and budget. For the 2024-2025 academic year, awards amounts have not yet been determined.

Dual Enrollment Registration Form