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ProjectDREAMS » Email and/or phone script to contact potential shadows

Email and/or phone script to contact potential shadows

Script for contacting someone to shadow by email or phone


My name is  __________________ and I am a high school student at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School.

I am contacting you because part of our mandatory graduation requirement is that we spend time shadowing someone in their career field.  


I am interested in becoming a (an) _____________________, and I would like to ask if I would be able to shadow you. The requirement for an in-person shadow is at least 4 hours long. If I am unable to shadow you in person due to health/safety/privacy reasons, then my requirements allow me to interview you either in-person or virtually for less than 4 hours about your career.


Please let me know either way if this is something you are willing to let me do.  I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at this email address or by phone (optional) #________________.


Thank you!




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